Fee For Service Financial Planning

Fee For Service Financial Planning

Unique to True North Retirement Counsel is the option for you to choose how you want to work with us.  You can engage our full services hiring us to create and implement your plan recommendations.  Or simply create the plan for you.

With this “fee for service planning option” you can hire True North Retirement Counsel to prepare a written plan only and pay for that advice directly.  Think of it like hiring a lawyer or accountant for their specific advice on a legal or accounting matter.  We believe this is the most unbiased option, as the advice isn’t linked to the sale of a specific product.  You are paying for the advice - period.  Then you are free to implement the recommendations with True North Retirement Counsel or somewhere else.  It’s really up to you!

If you choose to implement the plan recommendation with us, including any investment or insurance solutions we’re happy to do so and will have a separate compensation agreement apply for that part of the engagement. Fully disclosed up front of course. 

Sample Financial Planning Options:

  • Comprehensive Financial Plan                                              
  • Basic Financial Plan                                                   
  • Retirement Savings Plan                                            
  • Retirement Income Plan                                                        
  • Education Savings Plan                                                          
  • Cash Flow Management Plan                                    
  • Risk Management & Insurance Plan                         
  • Pension Commutation Analysis                                             
  • Estate Plan
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