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Fearless Retirement

Fearless Retirement

Who says you can’t afford to Retire? In every city and community, hundreds of baby boomers are on the cusp of a major life transition – a thing called retirement. Over 60% of boomers fear running out of money during their golden years even more than they fear dying. This book will explain why you don’t have to be fearful about your retirement.

In Fearless Retirement: How to Retire Without Financial Worry, retirement planning expert Conrad Toner pulls the curtains back on the financial services industry to reveal some shocking truths, and provides seasoned advice to help you transition to the next stage of life.

Retirement income planning isn’t rocket science. Anyone can do it by following a few steps that begin with understanding the psychology of spending in retirement. This book provides a prescription boomers can use to live the retirement they’ve always wanted, without financial stress or anxiety.

What You’ll learn:

  • What if the BIGGEST risk to your financial security and happiness in retirement is your financial adviser? Learn how to avoid this risk with a 13 Point Financial Adviser Checklist that everyone should use before hiring a financial adviser.
  • Can psychology help make your money last longer? Learn how with an innovative new tool called The Retirement Spending Funnel based on Maslows Hierarchy of Needs.
  • Why asset allocation is no longer enough by itself to preserve your money. Product allocation is a key new strategy that all boomers must incorporate into their retirement plans.
  • Many people confuse an “investment projection” with a Retirement Income Plan. Learn the difference and why not knowing this, may be the quickest way to running out of money in retirement.
  • What if Social Security and work pensions aren’t enough? Learn how to calculate and fund the retirement income GAP faced by many retiring boomers using an unique GAP Calculator and Funding Matrix.
  • What if your financial adviser doesn’t specialize in creating Retirement Income Plans? Learn to create your own bullet-proof retirement income plan using a simple step-by-step process.
  • Do you know how to protect your hard-earned nest egg? The first thing to understand is what the 7 major risks are so you can create a plan to avoid them.
  • What if your adviser isn’t a planner and you’d rather have a root canal than do the work yourself? Learn how interview financial advisers to find a qualified financial planner using the Planning Scorecard found in the book. You’ll also get access to a list resources of companies that will do most to this legwork for you.

Praise for Fearless Retirement

“Retirement today isn’t what it used to be. Key to your retirement dreams is educating yourself on the subject and finding the right Financial Advisor. A great resource is Fearless Retirement.”

Christian Gradley, CEO

“Conrad’s book is a MUST READ for financial advisors and their clients. In these turbulent times, people need real STRATEGIES and HOW TO advice on securing their wealth and financial direction – as opposed to mere theories or opinions. He provides these in abundance. Buy the book for everyone who you care about.”

Anthony Morris, Industry Speaker and Coach

“Finally a financial book that speaks my language. You made the planning for my retirement understandable, and frankly a lot less scary.”

Ron Butler, Retired Business Development Manager

“You’ve written a great book, one that’s going to change peoples lives.”

Jamie Wolf, Author of “Start Over”

When it comes to retirement planning, there is nothing more anxiety producing than the prospect of running out of money. This is a book that offers a simple formula for making sure that doesn’t happen.”

Dr. Michael S. Broder Ph. D

“Toner establishes a context in which we can understand the way our savings can become a stable source of income. In clearly written sections, he alerts the reader to possible ways of structuring retirement income and provides options that make sense depending on the reader’s circumstances.
Toner not only knows his stuff, he also writes well, a rare combination. Highly recommended!”

Bruce McDougall

About the Author: Known to some as “The Financial Doctor”, Conrad Toner has devoted his career to helping people achieve secure and financially healthy lives. His quest began at 18, when he experienced fear and uncertainty after the sudden death of his father. He went on to earn a degree in psychology, which helps him focus on what’s truly important in people’s lives. As an award-winning Certified Financial Planner™, he has counseled hundreds of clients on how to build solid financial plans for their future. For several years, Conrad created, produced and hosted his own TV segment “It’s Only Money” on Canada’s CBC affiliate, CHEX TV. Through his book and The Fearless Retirement Blueprint™ coaching program, Conrad focuses on providing comfort, financial security and certainty for his readers and clients.