Conrad Toner B.A. CFP CLU

Our Founder
705-745-8989 ext 101

Meaning of the name Conrad:  “Bold, wise counselor”, also “Honest advisor & brave advisor”

Derived from the Germanic elements of:  Kuoni “brave” and rad “counsel”

Conrad Toner is the driving force at True North Retirement Counsel.  Conrad has been married since 1989 to Lori his beautiful wife and business partner. They have two teenage sons who are very active in hockey, soccer and many other sports.  Conrad has had the privilege of coaching or managing several of his sons hockey teams over the years and wouldn’t trade that precious experience for anything.

As an award winning Certified Financial Planner® (CFP) and Chartered Life Underwriter™ (CLU), Conrad has been helping clients make informed financial decisions since 1997. With a B.A. in psychology, he brings a unique perspective and deeper understanding to the unique planning process he’s developed. This is evident in the great relationship he has with his clients, many of which go back to his early years in this business.

His specialty is creating written, comprehensive financial plans for retirees and those who are approaching retirement.  The majority of the clients he works with want him to: simplify their financial lives, preserve their capital, and generate a predictable, sustainable, tax-efficient income.  Many also wish to ensure a simple, effective and tax efficient transfer of their wealth to their children and or grandchildren through an integrated estate plan.

As the Amazon #1 Best Selling author of Fearless Retirement: How to Retire Without Financial Worry, Conrad is bringing the clarity, comfort and financial security his clients have achieved, to far more people than he could ever possibly counsel in his private practice.