Lori Toner B.A.

VP of Operations
705-745-8989 ext 102

Lori Toner joined the firm in 2007 and started working with Conrad making this a true family business.  Prior to that, Lori had a very successful career in senior management at a large multinational insurance company.  In 2007 she decided to leave that company in order to spend more time with their young children and to help care for her aging mother.  As well, business was growing substantially and required someone with the unique skill set that Lori possessed to help manage the growth.  It was a perfect fit for all involved.

Lori’s exceptional time management and organizational skills have greatly benefitted the company and our clients.  Having Lori handle all the management and administrative duties allows Conrad to spend his time where it is best suited - working directly with clients and on their financial plans.

With her degree in psychology and management skills, Lori clearly understands our client’s needs and has a great rapport with them and our industry partners.