Financial Planning

Rooted firmly in our 6 step financial planning process, we offer a wide variety of financial planning options. Our plans range from a basic single issue plan to a comprehensive plan covering all areas of your financial life. Which option you choose will depend entirely upon your needs. No matter what type of plan you need, the planning process begins with the signing of a Letter of Engagement before we can start our work. This document is used to select the type of plan you want us to complete and sets out the terms of the job we are to do for you.

Over the years we’ve found the best way for you to determine what type of plan you need is to book a complementary Coffee Meeting with us. You can book yours by clicking MEETING? or by calling us at (705) 745-8989 to arrange a convenient time to meet and let us know your beverage preference (coffee, tea or cold beverage).

Financial Planning Services

  • Basic Financial Plan
  • Comprehensive Financial Plan
  • Retirement Savings Plan
  • Retirement Income Plan
  • Education Savings Plan
  • Cash Flow Management Plan
  • Risk Management and Insurance Plan
  • Pension “Options” Plan
  • Estate Planning
  • Fee For Service Financial Planning