At True North Retirement Counsel, we provide professional, objective advice through our unique, proven financial planning process.  There are no investments or insurance products to buy!  Heck it’s in our company name.  Even the meaning of our founder’s name matches our mission. 


True North: a term used to describe finding your “direction”, “purpose” or “path in life”

Retirement: We specialize in Retirement Planning

Counsel (n): to provide advice, instruction, purpose, plan, design

Conrad (our founders name): Bold wise counsellor, honest advisor!



  A Six Step Process for Creating Your Dream Life After-Work

At True North Retirement Counsel, we’ve created a unique planning process to help our clients achieve their retirement dreams. Our Fearless Retirement Blueprint™ system was designed to help you make the most successful transition possible from work to retirement. We think of it like graduation with honors. While most financial advisors and retirement programs focus on the money aspects of retirement and product sales, our Fearless Retirement Blueprint™ is much more than that.

Money is certainly an important aspect but starting the discussion about the financial part of the equation is like putting the cart before the horse. We just don’t think that makes much sense. It may seem strange, but your money is one of the last things we want to discuss.

  Clear, Simple Plan Options

Bringing clarity to complex situations is something we strive for at True North Retirement Counsel. This is reflected in our 3 straightforward plan levels with simple all-in pricing. Choose between the Wealth Builder Plan, Retirement Income Plan or Comprehensive Plan. For Complete details see our Start Planning Page.

  Virtual Planning Services for your convenience

Our process starts with you selecting one of our plan levels. When our work begins, we're always happy to meet in person and often prefer this way of getting to know you. We're just old fashioned that way.

That said, we've invested heavily in technology allowing for a completely virtual planning process, if that’s what you prefer. Don't confuse this with ROBO advice, we don't use algorithms to give you a computer-generated projection!

Your plan will be completed by an actual human, one who is a qualified CFP® Professional. Think of it as technology with a heart! We leverage great technology to make the process as convenient as possible for you.

Along the way we use a combination of old tech (the phone) and amazing new tech (Screen Sharing) to nurture the conversation to fill in any gaps in order to really understand you, your goals, and your financial situation.

To present the finished plan, once again we use screen sharing tech to ensure an interactive presentation of your custom plan delivered in a secure environment.

  Wealth Management Service

Our Product is Your Plan! That said, Step 5 in our process is all about implementing the actions and changes needed to make your dreams a reality. This could mean making adjustments to your investment strategies, and you’re free to do this with your existing advisor.

Like most of our planning clients you may want us to handle that for you too. We’re happy to do so through our investment division by providing a competitive proposal. This would be done through a new engagement with our full-service investment dealer – Aligned Capital Partners Inc.

The choice is yours with zero pressure from us!

  Guided By A Strict Code of Ethics:

At True North Retirement Counsel, we are committed to doing what's in our client’s best interest. To that end we take our “duty of care” very seriously. As CFP® Professionals we are required to abide by and be held accountable to a strict Code of Ethics. The code is based on eight principles that recognize a CFP® professional's responsibility to the public, clients, colleagues, employers and the financial planning profession.

The Eight Principles

Principle 1: Client First - A CFP professional shall always place the client's interests first.

Principle 2: Integrity - A CFP professional shall always act with integrity

Principle 3: Objectivity - A CFP professional shall be objective when providing advice and/or services to clients

Principle 4: Competence - A CFP professional shall develop and maintain the abilities, skills and knowledge necessary to competently provide advice and/or services to clients

Principle 5: Fairness - A CFP professional shall be fair and open in all professional relationships

Principle 6: Confidentiality - A CFP professional shall maintain confidentiality of all client information

Principle 7: Diligence - A CFP professional shall act diligently when providing advice and/or services to clients

Principle 8: Professionalism - A CFP professional shall act in a manner that reflects positively upon the profession