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Wealth Builder Plan

For those saving towards retirement and other life goals

  • Cash Flow Analysis & Statement
  • Net Worth Analysis & Statement
  • Retirement Saving Plan - Projected growth of current investments plus contributions, what’s required to get you to retirement.
  • Risk Management Analysis - Investments and basic life insurance
  • Determination of Investment Risk Profile leading to a target asset allocation model
  • Basic Portfolio Review - Comparison of target to actual
  • Plan includes one revision and review after 1 year

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Retirement Income Plan

For someone closing in on retirement or already retired and wanting reassurance

  • Includes everything in Basic Plan + the following:
  • Behavioral Finance Personality Assessment Tool
  • Detailed Portfolio Analysis
  • Detailed Asset Allocation Modelling
  • Integrated Retirement Income Plan
  • CPP and OAS Optimization Analysis
  • Tax Efficiency Plan
  • Workplace Pension Plan Analysis
  • Longevity Stress Test on income portfolio - what if you live longer than expected?
  • Specific recommendations with action steps
  • Plan includes up to two revisions and a full review after 1 year

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Comprehensive Plan

For someone wanting a comprehensive plan covering all aspects of their financial life through retirement and including an integrated estate plan

  • Includes everything from Basic and Retirement Income Plan + the following:
  • Monte Carlo and Probability Analysis & Stress Test on all stated goals
  • Retirement Lifestyle Assessment - using the Retirement Dimensions™ Tool
  • Detailed Insurance Analysis - Life, Disability, Critical Illness, Long-Term Care Policies and Estate Preservation Policies will be reviewed for appropriateness and adequacy.
  • Estate Plan - an integrated review of your Wills, Powers of Attorney, Trusts and Life Insurance Strategies to ensure consistency with your financial plan and stated goals.
  • Coordination with other professional advisors when required (lawyers, accountants etc.)
  • Charitable Gift Planning Strategies explored
  • Eldercare Issues Planning explored
  • Specific recommendations with action steps
  • Plan includes up to two revisions and a full review after 1 year

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